Who am I

I'm a AGE year old website developer based in central Manchester. I’ve been working in the web world since 2011 and from time to time, I like to show off my talent under the name 'Shrunken Head Studios'.

I’m your average mid twenties guy with a love for music, weight lifting and technology. I have a very unusual accent, and I haven’t had a ‘real’ haircut since I was 15. Ultimate Warrior will forever be my hero and Iron Maiden my music of choice.

Shrunken Head Studios has been designed to be an outlet for my thoughts both technology related and outside of the web spectrum. I have no set schedule for updating this website so please excuse the random time lapses in posts. That being said, I hope you find something of interest. I’d love to hear any feedback you may have, I’m available via all the standard social media outlets.


Code commenting is like an 80’s wrestling promo

As part of my day to day job I’m often faced with having to pick up and support other developers' code, without prior knowledge of how the solution works or how it was built. This has resulted in ill written code comments becoming the bane of my existence.

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